How To Choose The Perfect Online Business

Are you looking for a great online business? Do you think choosing the right one is important? If so, then of course you’re right. Deciding which online business to join is the first really important decision you have to make after deciding to start a business in the first place. In this article I’m going to teach you 7 key factors you should research and consider before deciding to join any online business.CompanyThe company is important because of course you want the business to be around for a while and you want to feel safe that you will get paid what you have earned. When researching different businesses, here are a few things to consider:oHow long has the business been established?oDoes it look like there is still plenty of room for strong growth?oIs the business debt free? This isn’t a requirement, but it is nice to know.oWho owns/started the business? What kind of background and experience do they have?oDoes the business have many complaints? Look them up on If they have complaints, is there a reasonable amount of them?ProductThe product is the core of your new online business. Surprisingly, many people start an online business without even giving the product consideration. I think this is a big mistake. If you join a business with a good product and good business plan, you have 2 ways to increase your paycheck. You can offer the business plan to those interested in a home based business and the product to those who aren’t interested in starting an online business, but really like the product you are offering.Be careful of products that could be labeled as “fads”. You should ask yourself – was the product or something similar available 2 or 3 years ago? If not, are you taking a risk that it may not be around for much longer? You have to remember, even if you are focused on the income opportunity and aren’t particularly interested in the product, others looking for an income opportunity may choose highly based on the product.Initial InvestmentObviously how much money you have to spend to get your new business started can be a big factor. But don’t only consider the investment you have to spend to get started; also consider the investment that everyone you recruit has to make to get started.Some online businesses charge cheap startup costs and cheap monthly fees. Generally these companies will rely on members recruiting lots of members before they start making the big bucks. With lower startup costs ($50 a month or so), it is generally easier to get people to join but you also generally get paid less per person that you recruit.Some companies have a higher startup cost and higher monthly fees. Generally these companies will offer a higher commission for recruiting a new member and you may not have to recruit as many in order to start making commissions. However sometimes it’s harder to get new members to make the larger investment to join.Promotion StrategyWill your strategy be to promote the product and while doing so people will also join the business? Or would it be better to promote this as a business opportunity with a good product backing it up? Or you could even do both. I look for businesses where I can use either strategy depending on my audience. Either way can be just as good as the other, but it’s good to think about your preference and if the particular business or product you are considering will work for it. Some people are more comfortable talking about a product that they know will benefit people then they are talking about the business opportunity and visa versa.MarketIt’s very important to know who your market would be for this product/opportunity. You obviously don’t want to start investing your time or money in a market that wont be around for long. Where will the market be in 10 years? Is it a large market? Is it a growing market? For example, I currently invest in a couple of businesses that have products appealing to baby boomers. Health is becoming a very important issue for babby boomers. If I was looking for a way to market to this group, I might look for a business that sold nutritional products.Think about if about 10 years ago, you found a business opportunity that allowed you to create a “long term” residual income with a business whose product revolved around Beenie Babies. That opportunity would have sounded great at the time, but would your market opportunities have looked like? Do you think your investigation would have shown a stable market?Compensation PlanThe first time you look at a compensation plan it can be quite confusing. I glance at the compensation plan when I am just first starting to investigate a business and just make sure it appears reasonable for the business and product I will be promoting. Then if I think it looks promising, I carefully investigate the business to make sure it looks good in all other factors (like the ones mentioned above).After I’ve decided that this is a good business I really analyze to compensation plan. Use very low estimates when estimating. Don’t just assume you will recruit 5 members who will recruit 5 members who will recruit 5 members. I usually “test” the compensation plan with numbers such as what, if I recruit 2 members who recruit 2 members who recruit 2 members. Then instead of assuming that I get 10 levels deep in 30 to 60 days, I assume I get about 6 or 7 levels deep in about a year or so. The idea is to be conservative with your estimates so you don’t expect too much from the beginning and then get disappointed.YouThe last thing I would like to point out is that there are tons of great online business opportunities available that many people enjoy and succeed with, but that doesn’t mean they would be a good fit for you personally. With all the different business opportunities available, it can be difficult to find one that is perfect for you. You’re the only one that can really decide what works for you when considering your likes, dislikes, time availability, budget restrictions, strengths and weaknesses.

Pure Capitalism Only Works in a Purely Ethical World

Some people believe that pure capitalism can only work in a purely ethical world. They believe capitalism in its purest since to be okay, but not the best way to run a civilization. In fact many of these people believe that capitalism in of its self is evil, in that it brings out the worst in human kind. Recently this topic was debated in an online think tank when one member stated a quote;”The only problem with advancing the concept of “pure capitalism” is that it can only live in harmony & function smoothly a theoretically purely ethical world.”This is not correct actually and there is no way to verify it even if in theory it were correct. Since one, we do not live in a purely ethical world, because there are humans around everywhere. And two no human society on Earth practices pure capitalism.The online detractor and thinker on economic pure capital policy then quotes; “Capitalism in fact fosters a stifling environment for psychological development & encourages the enhancement of greed, conflict & banality”This is not true when it was said in “Das Capital” by Carl Marx and it is not true today. In fact if you look at what capitalism brings, it brings freedom of choice, higher standards of living, more efficient civilizations and more ability to donate funds to the unfortunate. Also it allows more time to be involved in other causes of interest, all of which help the common good. Therefore it empowers rather than stifles like socialism or communism which neither work in their modified or pure form if one considers individuality, liberty and freedom to be of any value.Next our anti-capitalism, anti-globalist and anti-Free Enterprise self-proclaimed thinker states; “So capitalism may be great at material accumulation, but its equally terrible at immaterial fulfillment and social fellowship.”In my opinion this is so utterly incorrect that it is should not even been considered. It seems to me that so often when someone is so far removed from something that they condemn it without seeing what it can do. Capitalism builds the roads and bridges, communication lines and all the other assets you use like the Internet to bring you and your fellow man together in social fellowship. So I disagree, in fact I so strongly disagree that I am not interested in social fellowship with such a clouded mind. Consider this in 2006.